How Hotels Can Direct Micro-Moments Into Bookings With Social Media

For people of all ages Social Media today has turned into a portal for capturing and sharing micro-moments.

And when we take the time to study these moments that people capture and share we will discover they answer some key questions that marketers use tools like surveys and focus groups to find answers too.

Most Social Media channels today has evolved in ways where they will resurface these moments for their members to share. What we capture and share become important memories that represent a pattern of people’s Social footprints.

Social Media, New Media, and technology have made it easier for everyone to capture and share micro-moments in real time. People now invite their network and community to take part of their journey. The micro-moments is no longer shared with just 10-15 of their closest friends but a network of 1000’s of friends.

The challenge for Hotels today is to identify new unique ways to tailor content that people feel appealed to include into their micro-moments.

One common pattern for Hotel that typically is an outcome when there is an economic downturn is last minute reservations. Social Media, New Media, and mobile technology capitalised on this trend from the last economic downturn.

Where the audience leads, Hotels must follow.

Information for the Micro-Moments

There are three important micro-moments Hotels need to understand today;

  • Before the micro-moment
  • During the micro-moment
  • After the micro-moment

Before the micro-moment

In the before micro-moments people seek information relevant information that will help add value before a decision is made. This is where Hotels need to focus on information that will inspire.

Make is easy for people to find the information they are looking for about your Hotels product or service.

It is important to understand that due to Social Media proximity is playing a key role when it comes down to making an educated decision.

Provide valuable information about your surroundings and educate your audience about where there is a coffee place, mall, gym, restaurant, convenient store, attraction, bus stop, train stop, babysitter service, pet service etc nearby.

During the micro-moment

Excellent service is no longer enough for the Hotel industry; guests are looking for uniqueness, local flavor, and history, and bespoke experiences that they can capture and share instantly through Social Media networks.

One of the great opportunities for Hotels today is to put in place a Social Media listening strategy.

The key here is to know the season and the reason.

What type of seasons is your Hotel customer base represented by?

  • Wedding season
  • Event season
  • Family season
  • Business season
  • Birthday season
  • Sport season
  • Festival season

Hotels need to provide valuable “How To” answers during the micro-moments. Today it is the Hotels job to provide all the answers that will surprise and delight the guest during their experience. Take the burden away from the guest and take part in develop their stories.

If you do this they will capture and share their moments with their network.

After the micro-moment

Hotels now have to measure every Social Media footprint to make new shifts that attract new and renewed customers.

Not only do they want the guest to come back, but leave them with memories that generate new stories. These stories help bring them back to the Hotel and also ensure they will encourage their friends to make educated bookings as a result of their experience.

When your Hotels guests, customers, and community influence the decision process that is when reciprocity has started do its job.

Implementing Micro-Moments

During the journey that represent the various micro-moments people, today will make their intention very clear. The Hotels job is to identify the best tools available to capture and capitalize on these moments.

Most micro-moments today is captured and shared through mobile devices. Smartphones has made the process seamless with;

lowes orlando

Wifi and Internet accessibility have made it possible for people to capture micro-moments in real-time. It has become critical for Hotels to prioritize the moments if they want an edge over new competitors that has built services that meet new demands and needs.

This also has also resulted in that there is more information available for people to make educated real-time decisions.  Hotels that fail to be present will hand opportunities over to competitors.

In these micro-moments,  either your Hotel are present or hidden, engaging or disingenuous, helpful or inconvenient. Customers expect answers and direction their way, at the right time, on the device and in the channel they are using.

All this data is supported by a research done by Google on How to win Micro-Moments.


Social Media is represented by various important micro-moments. Hotels today need to understand how these moments influence people.

Social Media has become an eco-system where influence guides the decisions. Engagement and relationships are key factors, but it is equally important to put this into a context that adds value to the community.

To win with Social Media Hotels today first has to connect and learn from the community. Listening will always come first, and then you can start to educate.

This expert article is brought to you by Are Morch. He is the founder and owner of Are Morch – Hotel Blogger & Social Media Manager

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