How To Boost Your Conversions With Social Media

So you have been trying to promote your brand on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms and you have built up a decent following. Now you’re trying to take things to the next level and use your social media to increase your revenue by driving leads.

If used correctly social media can be a great tool for lead generation. Discover how you can generate leads with non-paid content on your social media channels.

Promote content to your audience in an entertaining and engaging way

If you publish a post with a link to your website or blog and expect those clicks and leads to start coming through automatically you are going to be very disappointed. If you want users to engage with your posts and your site you will need to take the time to craft content that will be interesting and tailored to each platform.

Even through platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn have functions that are similar it doesn’t mean you will attract the same audience or that your audience will engage with the same content presentation. Networks such as twitter are designed for short and succinct content while other platforms work well with images.

Brands like Oreo take the opportunity to engage with their Facebook users in a way that is very intriguing to the audience that leads to positive engagement. These short videos provide great reach for this brand.

Knowing the difference and how you can use each platform to its full potential is a great way to boost your social media success.

Diversify the content you link to

Many brands who are known for great blogs make the mistake of using their social  media channels to post strictly to their content and no one else’s. This is a mistake that we see many brands make. Promoting your content should definitely be a big part of your efforts but it should NOT make up 100% of your online posts. What you should do is try to create a feeling within your audience. Try and engage them with things such as industry related news, humorous images if its applicable. You can create memes that will make your audience laugh or a serious and powerful quote shared as an image. These types of posts are highly shareable content and can boost your reach.

Planning and tracking in Google Analytics

You are going to need to plan a way to monitor the success of your social media efforts via Google Analytics. If your goal is to have users sign up for your eBook for example you can create a goal to monitor which leads come through via social media.

The best way to track the traffic your site receives from social media is by using UTM parameters within the links you are adding to your social posts. You can use Google’s URL builder to add these custom parameters to your URLs.
These tips can make our social media efforts highly measurable. The data you acquire will show you what is working and what you need to ditch. Then you can work to cultivate the perfect social media marketing plan and enjoy a steady increase in leads and conversions.

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