7 Ideas from Mark Zuckerberg: How to Make your Facebook Account Rock

 “Hey… I’m no Mark Zuckerberg!”

This describes how marketers feel when confronted with the task of building a Facebook page for their business.

But after all, whose footsteps would be better than Zuckerberg’s to follow? He is uniquely attuned to the Facebook community and the preferences of users.

So let’s take a look at some things that Mark Zuckerberg can teach us about creating a powerful Facebook page, and ask ourselves: “WWMZD?”  (What would Mark Zuckerberg do?)

Be social

Although Mark is not necessarily very outgoing (in fact, he’s even a bit shy), he’s still not afraid to draw attention to himself with things like a business card that reads “I’m CEO…B***H” and rubber sandals in meetings.

But although in reality, you may be socially awkward, it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily be that way online.

Create a detailed profile, upload pictures, and post to your wall. More importantly than anything else, make sure you post on your friends’ walls too. The point of Facebook is to socialize, and that’s a necessary component of success on any networking website.

Here is a tried-and-true strategy:

  • Write on your wall every day – Zuckerberg posts interesting things that happen to him, things he has learned, or a quote. He finds that holiday greetings seem to be more viral than any other type of Facebook posting.

mark zuckerberg 1

  • Interact with your friends on your wall – Zuckerberg does his best to respond to friends’ comments on his wall. This shows appreciation and lets them know that he is interested in what they have to say. Again, the point is to be social! It’s not enjoyable to feel that you are just talking to yourself.
  • Interact on your friends’ walls – On a daily basis, Mark “likes” at least one of his friends’ status updates and comments on at least one of their profiles. Doing this with friends who don’t generally engage as often encourages them to interact with him on his wall, too.
  • Avoid predictability – Every week, Mark will do something out of the ordinary to increase engagement. This could be something very funny or something that’s a bit controversial. A good example is this post: “If eye-rolling burned calories, women would never have to diet.”
  • Don’t make enemies –It’s very easy to make enemies through Facebook posts. It takes so long to create friendships; you don’t want to risk losing them. Zuckerberg steers away from politics or religion in his Facebook posts. Even after the eye-roll quote, he posted a similar dig at men, to avoid appearing sexist: “If ball-scratching burned calories, men would never have to diet.”

mark zuckerberg 2

Posting entertaining and engaging content on Facebook will help you to easily increase conversions.

Make friends

Mark is well connected with people that are famous both on the web (Sean Parker, Peter Thiel, and Marc Andreessen) and off (Barack Obama).

mark zuckerberg 3

Making friends with the cool kids also gives you the appearance of being “cool.” When you appear “cool,” you begin to get lots of friend requests.

To optimize the popularity and influence of your Facebook profile, you must request “cool” kids to be your “friends.” Although many of them will refuse because you’ve never met, you will find that three out of every ten that you friend request will accept.

Continue sending out requests until you are Facebook friends with a hundred powerful people. When you have done this, you will find that a lot of random people will friend request you each day. Influential people have a lot of friends, and their friends will look at their profile page to see who their other friends are.

Make real friends

Even though you are now friends with all the cool people, try to remain grounded in reality. These powerful folks already have lots of friends and they are too busy to read your Facebook wall or comment on your updates.

So to counteract that problem, you need to connect with your real friends. Even Mark is still friends on Facebook with people he knew before he got rich and famous. Although he didn’t start business in a garage, but rather in a Harvard dorm, he hasn’t been spoiled by his fame.

Maintain connections with people who really care about you, such as family members and childhood friends, because they will be interested in what you have to say.

The easiest way to connect with your real friends is to give Facebook access to your email account. This way, you can quickly find out whether the people that you regularly communicate with might be on Facebook. The site will then suggest that you send them a friend request.

Do set limits

Even Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t accept every friend request, and neither should you. Facebook limits you to 5,000 friends, so be intentional in your responses to people that want to add you.

It’s a good idea to maintain friendships with a few powerful people, but don’t try to add them all. 47% of his friends have more than 500 Facebook friends, but they only account for 21% of interactions. But friends with fewer than 500 friends account for 79% of interactions with his posts and status updates.

62% of Zuckerberg’s friends are outside the United States, but they account for over 83% of interactions on his wall.

Although only 16% of his friends are female, they account for 22% of interactions on his wall. Before you reach your maximum number of friends, try to become friends with as many females as possible.

Carefully consider which friend requests you accept as you get closer to 5,000, and be mindful of their influence on your profile.

Know your Audience

Facebook success is measured by audience engagement. But in order to get engagement and boost revenues, you have to know them well enough to understand how to effectively communicate with them. If your fan base is comprised mainly of men in their twenties, then posts about the frustrations of caring for young children won’t generate a lot of buzz.

The nice thing about Facebook is that it offers you a ton of information about the people who visit your page, such as age, gender, location, and interests.

Also, keep in mind the time of day when your friends will be most likely to read, like, and share posts.

Engage in shameless self-promotion

If there is just one thing we can say about Zuckerberg, it is that he promotes himself on Facebook, even on his Fan Page.

mark zuckerberg 4

Whether it’s a Time Magazine cover or an appearance on Saturday Night Live, he makes sure to inform people about what he is up to. When he does this, his audience responds; once, it even rocked with one billion users in just one day.

Don’t hold back from telling your audience about your business. This is a great way to get lots of traffic and even many new customers.

Don’t hesitate to use Facebook to promote your personal brand. And if you have a blog or a website, you can share your posts on your Facebook wall, too.

Learn How to Program

There are many differences in the life stories of the founders of Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook, but there is just one thing that they all have in common. They all knew programming.

Zuckerberg himself once said: “My number one piece of advice is: you should learn how to program.”

Computer programmers create digital systems, and these have never been more important to our personal and professional life.  Zuckerberg gave this advice because he understood skilled programmers will be in very high demand for decades.

It’s possible that your own ambitions may not require lines of code. But you do need to spend time developing the necessary skills for accomplishing your goals. That way, when you have that brilliant, billion-dollar-idea, you will have the ability to bring it to reality.

Even if you “do what Marc Zuckerberg would do,” it doesn’t mean that you can expect to immediately become a billionaire. But you can expect to create a popular and influential Facebook profile.

So do not waste time anymore! Go ahead and build up your Facebook presence, because a strong Facebook profile can help promote any kind of business or career path.

Do not subscribe to the commonly-held belief that Facebook is just a time-waster. It’s the second most popular website on the Internet. No matter what your opinion of it may be, you have no choice but to use it if you want your business to succeed in its social media marketing endeavours.

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