10 Ways You Can Drive Revenue From Social Media This Month

Social media marketing is a very effective tool in your digital marketing arsenal. For many business owners it can be a roller-coaster, when things are progressing well you love social. When things are not progressing well, they can end up feeling that they’re wasting their time. Here are 10 ways to stop wasting time and start improving ROI with social media.

Make sure you are using the best social media channels for your niche

The social media networks and tactics you implement for your marketing campaigns need to align with the platforms that your target audience engages with. Consider your goals and what each channel can offer you as a platform to reach users. Facebook has the largest user base by far, more than double the users on Twitter. LinkedIn and Twitter are more for the B2B type marketing while Facebook is the platform of choice for B2C communication.

You need to make sure to take the time to complete research so that you are getting the most out of your efforts. For many organisations this results in using a specific blend of social media efforts across multiple channels.

Curate high quality and relevant content

It is not easy to consistently create fresh and engaging content for your audience when you are a time poor entrepreneur. If you do not have a dedicated team of search marketing professionals to take over this work for your organisation, you might then only rely on curating content. Find interesting, shareable and relevant articles, new, videos, images and memes to share with your audience.

Push for user engagement

You can push user engagement in many ways, by giving your audience content as mentioned above you can instigate discussion between your fan base. However, no matter how large your organisation is, you must remember that consumers love to get personal attention. They crave personalised service. So, respond to people making comments on your posts, if they are not asking a question think of something valuable to add to the conversation that shows the user you have acknowledged their presence on your page. In the customers mind this will buiild a relationship and trust with your organisation and brand, this will make them more likely to want to do business with you.

Keep a balance of content

The 80/20 rule in social media marketing is one of the most important rules to follow. There is not much that is more irritating to a user than being incessantly spammed about promotions and about the business they are following. I cannot stress how important it is that you keep your content split between 80% organic and value based content and only 20% being promotional material. If you start to bombard your followers they will simply un-follow your brand, this can have a big impact on your reach if you continue to engage in this practice.

Planning, planning and planning!

Consistency is key in social media marketing. You don’t want to have 7 posts one week and then nothing for 6 months. Your users follow your page because they want to hear from you and engage with you. Set yourself a goal of how many posts are appropriate for your audience and your niche, then spend time creating the content to be scheduled. Always schedule your content and stick to your plan. At the end of every month review how your posts performed, then tweak the content and post times to get the most out of your efforts as possible.

Re-use your past content

If you have content that your fans enjoyed in the past then you should re-purpose it where appropriate. Over time you have gained new fans who would not have seem this original piece of content. If you are short on content post a blast from the past that was a hit with your fans and get your new audience engaged.

Mention influencers

When you have the opportunity to mention influencers in your industry you definitely should. If you have a happy customer, whether that is a person or company, why not mention them and spotlight them on your social media. It can get your brand in front of a new audience who sees that you are invested in creating great experiences and relationships with your customers. This will lead to more people wanting to do business with you.

Research the competition

You are not the only organisation utilising social media, you might not even be the only one in your niche. Expand your research to include what is working for brands that have the same, or similar, audience that you are targeting. Learn from their mistakes, invest time in your research and you will have the information that will assist you to achieve the most you can.

Be concise

When you are posting for your audience it is really important that your posts look clean and appealing so that people want to read what you have to say. There have been many times I have seen brands put a very long story as their social media post and although what they had to say was valuable, the posts are not engaged with. In this instance you would be better off creating a blog post on your website and then providing a short text on your social media post with a link directing people who would like to read more, to that blog post.


Everything you do on social media should be with the intention to captivate your audience. This takes time, persistence, research and testing. If you are a business owner and are trying to get your social media campaign launched and you have some questions, get in touch with our digital marketing agency in Melbourne and Wollongong.


About the Author:

Natalie Athanasiadis is the owner and Head of Digital at Digital Visibility Group Melbourne. She is an SEO specialist with a background in PR and digital marketing. She works with small local businesses up to multi-million dollar large international enterprises to action campaigns focused on long term business growth. Get in touch with her directly on natalie@digitalvisibilitygroup.com