5 Off Site SEO Strategies To Ditch in 2015

The digital landscape is forever changing to ensure users are finding what they really need. As a result of this, the rules continue to evolve, so it’s important to know what’s ‘hot’ and what’s not in the world of SEO.

Buying or selling links

Google clearly states that buying back-links in order to approve your rankings is against their webmaster guidelines. Google views links as a vote of authority for your site and as such its not ethical to be paying for these votes. This doesn’t stop bloggers from charging for links or SEO companies from paying for them.

Often bloggers will try to charge you for a blog post and use the justification that Matt Cutts called guest posting for SEO dead! So they put a price on it and call it a sponsored post. But no matter what your reasoning is or what you call it, paying for links is your ticket to ride the Google train to Penaltyville. Population – your website!

Large scale article marketing with keyword-rich anchor text

While it is great when people write about you and link back to your site, they need to be natural. As google continues to change and improve their algorithm it is slowly weeding out the sites who engage in these poor techniques.

Stuffing the anchor text with your keywords on a large scale is not going to look natural and is sure to get negative attention at some point down the track.

Excessively adding links to poor link directories

By adding your site to just any website directory just for that backlink will have a negative impact on your rankings and visibility. Most website directories provide little to no value to users and google often excludes them from the SERPs. You don’t want your website to be there too.

Placing optimised links in unhelpful forums or blog comments

Adding non-relevant links in blog or forum comments and overusing your keyword-rich anchor texts s the wrong way to go about gaining valuable links. It is ok for your links to be there as long as it is relevant and adds to the user experience.

Link exchanges

Exchanging links with other websites for the sake of reciprocal linking will only land your website into hot water. For example you have a plumbing website and you link to a dog groomer and that dog groomer links back to your website essentially have just created a worthless link that has no SEO value. This kind of behaviour can result in a Google penalty.

High quality link building is no easy task. Creating that are valuable to both users and your website take a lot of time and effort. Never buy your backlinks or create worthless links. Focus on creating content and links that will benefit users and your online visibility will increase in the long term.

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