Google Confirms That Over Half Of All Searches Are Made Via Mobile

This week at the Re/code’s mobile conference, senior Vice president of Google Search Amit Singhal announced to the world that over half of the one billion searches made on Google each month now comes from mobile devices.

Google does not count mobile devices with screens that are larger than 6 inches in size, so tablet items are not included in this number. Primarily google is focusing on smartphones.

The way people interact with their devices has evolved and users are interacting with smartphones much as they would a desktop. This brings an important warning to brands with websites that are currently not mobile friendly. If you have not rectified this problem you need to be doing that right now.
Another important thing to note out of this Re/code conference is that Google has currently indexed over 100 billion links that are within apps. This is showing digital marketers just how much search is continuing to grow. It goes beyond finding webpages and delves deeper, helping users find information and content through other avenues on their device.

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