Why You Need To Pay Attention To User Experience

How people respond to what they experience online is important for you and your business. User experience is an integral part of the design process from the initial concept to the final version.

Here are 3 tips you need to pay attention to, to ensure your customers are getting the right experience when they land on your site.


Allow Seamless Navigation

People will only engage with your site if it’s easy to navigate. When thinking about website design, be sure to keep navigation in mind.

If your products or services are hard to find and get to, potential buyers will bounce and and hop straight to your competitors. You must also include having a responsive site so that it can adapt to the size of screen it is being viewed on.

Desktop users are significantly decreasing with each day seeing the use of mobile devices increase. Be sure to capture this market as part of your plan.


Give Security Assurance

Be safe. When buyers online see that their credit cards or other payment details are safe, user experience becomes stress-free.

Determine which security seals are relevant to your website. This can make a huge difference in customer confidence. Customers will reduce their fear of purchasing and therefore increase your revenue.


Add Definitive Calls-to-Action

Have prominent call-to-action buttons. Making notable calls-to-action increases conversions – significantly.

A call to action provides focus for your site, is a way to measure success and also a direction for your site users. It takes the guess work out of where they need to go and why, as you lead the way.

You also need to communicate what the user will get out of completing the call to action. Make this message clear and prominent to enable more clicks.



The goal is to create a website that works for both your customers and your business. The key is to design and plan your site around your customers needs with engaging content, seamless navigation and safety. The outcome is you will get a big return on your investment.

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