Image & Video Tactics to Increase Your Online Sales

Do you ever wonder why your competitors are beating you when it comes to visibility and sales? With the digital landscape ever-changing, it’s important to keep on top of what you need to do – not just to compete, but to stay ahead of the game.

In this article we cover the image and video tactics you can use to boost your online sales and be a step ahead of your competitors.



Use High Quality Images

First impressions count. Make your pictures accurate and true to the product or service you are selling but also ensure they are eye catching. Take your own photos as best practice, rather than using other people’s images – this way the clarity is better and there are no copyright issues to wrangle.

Whilst you might be inclined to use an iPhone or disposable camera for your images, don’t! Use one with the capability to handle heavier loads and more image options.

Large with zoom option

Size also matters. Potential buyers will want to be able to inspect your product and it’s features closely when shopping online as they don’t have the physical object to look at. If you want buyers to spend money on your products via your site, you need to give them a good reason to.

Ensure the zoom feature is enabled to allow customers to examine all parts of your product so they can see exactly what it looks like if they had it in their own hands.

Placement of your images

Know where to stick it. There is no point in having high quality images, with zoom options if they are placed in the wrong parts of your site, where buyers won’t get the full advantage of seeing them.

As an online customer yourself, imagine your experiences when shopping for a product. You will want to see these images along with the content section that describes the product and it’s use or purpose.

You also need to make them easy to find, so include images in the search bar and don’t forget the checkout page so that buyers are confident that they have selected the right option/s.



Tell a story and forget the sales pitch

A mistake seen all too often from owners is that they will create videos all about the product or service, focused around the hard sell to the customer. This is by far one of the quickest ways to have your audience lose interest in the video and more often than not, in your brand.

Whether you sell a product or provide a service, at the core of every business is the sale of an emotion. If your product or service is effective at eliciting that emotion in your customers, you won’t need to ever work hard at convincing them or give them the hard sell. So find the story and tell it in your video!

Create an impact in the first few seconds

For the longest time you had up to 10 seconds to create the impact needed to keep people watching your video. This number is declining over time as today’s consumer is expecting to be wowed almost instantly, but at the very least within a few short seconds.

To maximise the positive impact on viewers during these critical first few seconds, you need to outline why they need to stay until the end of your video right from the outset.

It comes down to knowing your target market well and what really drives them. You can use tactics like raising a question that they might be looking for the answer to in terms of benefits, and also to put any particular fears to rest.

Sharing your video content with the right audience

One of the first things to do is audit your market, create a strategy, and then make your move. This provides the best return on investment for your online activities because you aren’t focusing on the less lucrative avenues for your particular situation.

For example if your target market is predominantly on LinkedIn and that is also where the majority of your leads to come from, then you don’t need to be investing time in marketing video content on Instagram.

When running targeted pay per click ads where you are driving people to watch your video, ensure your ads are highly focused on the people who it’s going to make the most positive impact on and drive that return on investment.



It all starts with a solid foundation. To be successful online, you need to lay down the ground work and understand what components are required to form your strategy. Missing this step can mean no matter how many hours, blood, sweat and tears you put into your online business, you will fail to see the desired results.

Need more help or tips? Our digital marketing specialists are here to assist you, get in touch to see what else you could be doing to improve your online sales.

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