4 No Cost Strategies To Attract More Customers To Your Local Business


Effective marketing strategies are imperative to ensure the survival of any business, but it is even more crucial for small local businesses.  Small business owners typically have to wear many hats to wear day-to-day which means there’s not enough time to stay up to date with their marketing activities, often resulting in a strategy that is outdated.

In this article we take you through four no cost strategies to  attract more customers to your local business.


 1. Mingle with the locals

A great way you can extend the reach of your business is by attending local events whether that is seminars, expos or meetups there are a lot of opportunities to explore. If you are strapped for cash there are free options out there where you will have the benefit of meeting other like-minded people and networking, which can only expand your reach as a business. This is also a great way to keep your finger on the pulse of your industry and can bring incredible opportunities your way.


2. Check out the competition

Business success is not a race you run alone, you are running against your competitors and their actions can impact you. Whether you’re looking at it from a search marketing perspective or whether you’re looking at it from a traditional marketing perspective, I repeat, you are not in the race alone.  Now this presents obstacles and opportunities.  There are going to be occasions where your competitors do manage to snag some of the market share that you once occupied but business is a dynamic environment and it’s ever-changing.  You have the opportunity to leverage the information you can collect about your competitors to change your strategy for the better.  People sometimes think this means you should identify your competitor’s strengths and then try and beat them at their game but that’s not always the best strategy especially if your competitor is well established and has been around longer than your brand.  If you are a smaller business identify your strengths and find their weaknesses then create a strategy that is going to work specifically for you and your situation.


3. Leverage your existing customer base

Now I know this one seems glaringly obvious and this is definitely not a new concept but you would be surprised to find out how many businesses don’t leverage their existing customers for reviews. Testimonials are incredibly powerful when it comes to persuading potential customers to do business with you and here’s the kicker they don’t even need to know the person who is recommending you to feel more confident in making a purchase, it happens just by viewing a testimonial.  Take a look at your specific industry and formulate the strategy that works best but do consider reaching out to the customers that you deal with on a regular basis and request a testimonial. They can be included on your social profiles or on your website itself and more often than not customers are happy to provide a testimonial.


4. Be active on social media

Ok this doesn’t mean just sharing puppy memes!  So many business owners can’t see the connection between their industry and social media platforms but there is room for pretty much any business on social you just have to identify where your customers like to live and play and then be active on that platform. In my time as a digital marketer I have had business owners say “oh I don’t know how to sell on social” and that’s where people go wrong.  Your social media marketing efforts shouldn’t be geared towards going in for the hard sell. It should be about building trust, brand awareness and relationships with people who maybe, potentially one day will become customers.  Keeping your social media updated regularly is a great indicator to potential customers that you’re involved in the business that you’re involved with your customer community and they tend to look favourably on this.


Whilst these no cost strategies are a cost effective way to drive some customers to your store they may not drive the big results you are after. Get in touch with our digital marketing agency in Melbourne to discuss the online marketing strategies that can help you attract more customers to your local business.

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About the Author:

Natalie Athanasiadis is the owner and Head of Digital at Digital Visibility Group Melbourne. She is an SEO specialist with a background in PR and digital marketing. She works with small local businesses up to multi-million dollar large international enterprises to action campaigns focused on long term business growth. Get in touch with her directly on natalie@digitalvisibilitygroup.com